Most of us have been out of school for many, many years, but don’t think that the days of studying, learning and taking tests are over.  They will never be over.

The test is a mirror…
Every test is a curious mirror
Reflecting confidence and truth
Or, lack thereof.
The test is a mirror…
Displaying naked realism of who we are
Exposing vulnerabilities of who we are not
Or, who we wish to be.
The test is a mirror…
Prohibiting facade and masquerade
Enforcing society’s blueprint of conformity
Or, simply guiding our true self.
The test is a mirror…
Unwavering, without grace of grading on a curve
Prodding, quizzes encourage fearful insight
Or,  maybe it is only a ruse.
The test is a mirror…
We are our own professors
Posting grades of pass or fail to ourselves
Yet, we take and re-take the same exam…

                         What have we learned?

Author: Mary

ABOUT MARY ~ Mary is a "late-blooming" writer from Texas who enjoys exploring a variety of different styles & genres, however her deep passion for creative writing (poetry, essay, narrative interview & non-fiction) remains unwavering & most purposeful. Mary's personal & professional background is filled with an eclectic combination of business & art (e.g., music, performing arts, 15 years sales/marketing & special events planning in the private club industry). Mary is a 1990 graduate from The University of North Texas with a B.S. in Hotel/Restaurant Management. In 2001, life as she knew it would be dramatically & forever altered by the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at age 35. Several years passed, searching for answers to unknown questions. This loss of reality, normalcy, & PURPOSE needed to be reinvented - renewed - rewritten. This disease is not a "one size firs all." MS affects everyone differently & can morph unpredictably, silently, relentlessly... day to day. It's not easy to figure out how to deal with disease & this vile invasion of an uninvited, unwanted "internal room-mate." Eventually, Mary also sought the help of a professional therapist which helped her learn important coping skills needed to tame/calm mood disorders & to encourage healthy ways in which to purge the noisy chaos inside the brain. And so the writing began... as did a newfound passion & purpose. This journey of reinvention became plausible via Mary's background & her desire to discover new creative outlets. As a student for life, Mary continues to explore & study the health benefits from turning off our "auto pilot switch" & instead focus on learning - consume new information & participate in new activities (Neuroplasticity). The gift of "resilience" is a glorious, powerful tool which stems from the endurance of life & it's many challenges. Resilience forces us to rise up & learn face issues (new & old) head on. Focus on the important things in life. Laugh & live selflessly with compassion, purose & passion. Connect with Mary at: 🔸Twitter: @pettigrew66, @MSpals 🔸Facebook: 🔸LinkedIn: 🔸Instagram: 🔸 Acknowledgments and Press ~ * Creator & Co-founder of MSpals: A Global Organization (2014 - present) * Administrator & contributing author of content, posts, & interviews: MSpals blog: https:/ ~ The Summer of Sport: Forward Poetry 2012 ~ Poetry Rivals Collection 2013 ~ Something On Our Minds Vol.III ~ Something On Our Minds Vol IV. Interviews: National Multiple Sclerosis Society's "Momentum Magazine" ~ 2013 = Art Therapy & MS ~ 2015 = Connecting Via Social Media Other works also featured on a variety of blogs, websites, videos, as well as other multimedia platforms including: www.MS&MeRadio/TBI Network iConquerMS/The Accelerated Cure Project WEGO Health HealtheVoices MS Focus - Monthly contributor

2 thoughts on “THE TEST”

  1. Another fantastic one Mary, another clever deconstructive treat, and so true:)
    And another new word for me: ruse. Once again, Thank You for expanding my english vocabulary and in such an inspirational way too 🙂
    I'm simply in love with your poems cuz as I've told you before, they remind me so much of my beloved poet Wisława Szymborska. I seriously need to send you couple of her books.
    I love it, love it, love it ! You need to publish.
    Thankfully your blog allowed me to type more then 140 characters…


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