Puppet master 

Empty headed marionettes
We let the puppet master use us;
Manipulated creatures, mute like
Dummies, well trained playthings.

Oblivious to right or wrong,

Fact or fiction, we do not question
Infectious dogma instilled daily
Rhetoric scripted, biased, & edited
Comical with muddied ideologies.

Living an existence like no other –
Ghosts in the machine who
Continue to drink the koolaide
Again…& again.

Willing are the players who
Try to hide sham & shame by
Cutting, tucking still attached puppet strings out of sight, yet not out of mind.

Unable to save face from the farce,
They’re now left with the painful
Purpose to express false loyalty no better than the foolish choreographer who makes
Up the dance.

Artist: Rosa Maria Plana “somos marionetas?”