About Mary


Mary is a “late-blooming” writer from Texas who specializes in poetry.  She has a life-long background in music, performing arts, & enjoyed 14 years in sales/marketing & as a special events planner in the private club industry.  A 1990 graduate from The University of North Texas, Mary started off as a music major (voice), but soon changed direction and graduated with a B.S. in Hotel/Restaurant Management.  She maintained an active life, & a fun, successful career until 2001 when life changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with MS.  Despite attempts to work a few more years after diagnosis, she was forced to quit work completely.  Words can’t describe how “lost” & lonely she felt during those years after diagnosis.  This bizarre disease affects everyone different.  Mary has a plethora of symptoms – numb/tingly sensations, SEVERE cognitive impairment, fatigue, sensory overload/breakdown, nerve pain, etc., yet despite the damage & progression of this disease, she continues to remain somewhat of an “invisible symptom” – still ambulatory.  After many “in denial” years passed, she discovered new ways of coping  with this “internal room-mate” & began to seek a new purpose in life…which wasn’t easy.  A long & bitter divorce added painful challenges which resulted in a diagnosis of PTSD.  To seek professional help was not yet a consideration, but Mary was acutely aware of the downward spiral which loomed ahead, so Mary embarked on a cathartic purge via writing.  She started to play the piano again, taught herself acoustic guitar – it felt good.  Unaware this new form of therapy (which required no prescription) had such power & purpose which taught her to breathe again!  Over time, this passion fueled new purpose & a RE-INVENTION of self – a sense of healing seemed plausible via the exploration of creative outlets & endless possibilities.  Oddly, MS became a strange “gift” – an offering  for a second chance at life,  wrapped in words & music.
~ live, laugh, & love well ~

Find Mary online via: 

Twitter @pettigrew66, @MSpals, @MSpalsPoets, #MSpoetry

Facebook: facebook.com/MSPals,  facebook.com/MaryPettigrew48, facebook.com/HealthCentral


Acknowledgments and Press  
🔸 Various poems, interviews, posts, & essays selected for inclusion via book compilations, magazines, blogs, websites, & video:

🔸 Other eclectic posts can often be found on Twitter, Facebook, online blogs & poetry groups as “guest posts”

🔸 Created/founded the MSpals organization and other facets/concepts of the group with Carolyn Palmer in 2014: @MSpals, @MSpalsPoets (#MSpoetry), Facebook.com/MSpals, plus numerous special interest groups

🔸 Passionate advocate, active committee member with local NMSS events, & other organizations around the world

🔸 Strive to maintain growth, maintain a global team of like-minded people with MS/chronic illness/disability to keep all social media accounts, blogs, media, PR, & other projects alive & as we continue to create awareness & educate the world about MS, chronic illness, & disability.

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