Sign of the Times

A sense of unrest morphs into
Gut wrenching heartache
Painful frustration greets me
Each day, my emotions spent
Weakened, exhausted as words,
Words & more words fall flat
Without action or purpose.

Yesterday’s headlines have
Become blurred, catastrophic
Events & breaking news unfold
Too often, too fast, too much –
Coping mechanisms seem trendy
Events marked by hashtags,
Catchphrases, memes &
Even merchandise for sale
Items worn, displayed online
Represent protest, honor
Solidarity or awareness, but
In truth, such things are only
Momentary fashion statements
Red carpet paparazzi
Portray images of posers,
Do-gooders displaying swag
Accessories for “the cause”

Selfies & videos gone viral in
“Word couture” filled with
Overtones political, yet no one
Plans to walk the walk.

Self absorbed, gadget obsessed
A society oblivious to reality –
Hateful gibberish & angry rhetoric
Desecrate all human decency
Society lost in translation.

Words are just words…
Without intent & purpose,
Words are just words…
Until you give them meaning.

Fueled by action & movement
Words become powerful,
Purposeful messages with
Thought provoking, soulful
Inspiration deserved of attention
Take pause, listen to the voices
For this is the stuff from which Healing can begin.

Relapsing Remitting Melancholia

Body numb, mind in hopeless disarray
Despair and fear consumes, relentless
Acclimated now to such exquisite pain, solitude
Resigned to wallow in this… fully & completely.
Grasp on reality dwindles, seems senseless
Daily plans fall short, intentions meaningless
Nightly dreams fitful, restless from discomfort
Gasping for air, I wake, anxiety ridden, nervous
Needful of peace, I search for calm & normalcy.

original draft – 2012

art back view black and white dark
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

The Rose That Grew From Concrete ~ by Tupac Shakur

Only recently did I have the pleasure to hear this beautiful poem – written by Tupac Shakur. I became so moved by this, I had to find it & include it here for others to read. Typically, I never post pieces written by other artists on my blog, but this is such a moving piece, a MUST READ which was inspiration for one of my earlier poems.

Tupac Shakur

Rogue Beauty

Where the red fern grows –
As the children’s story told us
In death, there will also be life
Strong, resilient to the season
Only God truly knows how
Or why this rogue flower blooms
Once again with beauty.
Ah, tis the message… Be present
Focus on the here & now
Not what wasn’t supposed to be.

Photo courtesy of @OffTheGrid531