Wired ~ a poem


Life is light –
Light is life…& so it goes.
The ultimate power source,
organic in nature & nurture –
As we age, our mortality keeps
a firmer grasp on the stopwatch –
The search for answers becomes nearly obsessive; to validate our legacy of lives we lived…& lives worthy of living.

No matter how hard we strive
for perfection – No matter if
we try to follow selfless paths;
dutifully & righteous in purpose & meaning, shall we succeed in
finding our light sooner than those self absorbed or inflicted – or those without faith, or will our light find us?

What is it we all seek to find…
and why?  No matter – Carry on because this cannot be planned, nor can it be calculated.
Life is light –
Light is life…& so it goes.
Move forward without itinerary
or biological GPS –
With eyes & arms wide open,
embrace intangible beauty blinded
by the light of life –
Imbibe in hedonistic elixirs, neon &
systemic cocktails – symbolic in celebration of the body electric.

Glorious opportunities await,
unlimited, with conduits compatible…
Upgradable wares, outlets
plentiful for those who seek
the light of life, luminous &
Life is light –
Light is Life…& so it goes.

by MPP 1/11/17
Revised 4/24/17