Relapsing Remitting Melancholia

Body numb, mind in hopeless disarray
Despair and fear consumes, relentless
Acclimated now to such exquisite pain, solitude
Resigned to wallow in this… fully & completely.
Grasp on reality dwindles, seems senseless
Daily plans fall short, intentions meaningless
Nightly dreams fitful, restless from discomfort
Gasping for air, I wake, anxiety ridden, nervous
Needful of peace, I search for calm & normalcy.

original draft – 2012

art back view black and white dark
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

Rogue Beauty

Where the red fern grows –
As the children’s story told us
In death, there will also be life
Strong, resilient to the season
Only God truly knows how
Or why this rogue flower blooms
Once again with beauty.
Ah, tis the message… Be present
Focus on the here & now
Not what wasn’t supposed to be.

Photo courtesy of @OffTheGrid531

A Year In Review

I find myself numb
Unable to reflect
Unable to conceive the
Future & “Auld Lang Syne.”

Conflicted, instead by the palpable
Soundtrack of life marked by
Dwindling weeks
Hours, minutes

Non too swift, 2017 will end,
Yet will the miasma linger
In this overflowing landfill?
Blurred by chaos, how long
Must we remain indifferent,
Divisive in our civility?

I choose to do my best, to do
My part & remain hopeful
Humanity will follow suit.

Image by Monovisions