Moving On ~

Take the time to pause,
Reflect on difficult years
Passed…now somewhat cleansed –
To heal, quite painful in the journey, yet
I feel…and now able to see
I am less cold, less broken –
Thankful for this unique gift of
Patience and time.

People, places, and things
I once feared to flee
Now merely ghosts, memories –
Life lessons, priceless in value –
No longer lost in long,
Hopeless years, instead I am
Blessed, gifted with strength,
New purpose and clarity.

Bid the past adieu, sans regret –
Extend a fond farewell
To fabulous failures &
Delicious disasters, for I
Survived with respect and truth –
My eyes now open, they reveal
A past life proven easy to leave,
Grant me freedom and a new place to fly.