Like clockwork, panic wakes me with a start –
My body, mind and soul at war again
Spanning decades, this solo battle leaves me
Broken, breathless –
Exhausted, sweat drenched nightmares
Find me in the darkened haze – I pause
Until I’m urged to get out of bed –
Wading through the deep abyss of sleep deprivation,
I splash cold water on my face – some relief.
Looking up, into the mirror, scars external –
Scars – healed wounds, like “tattooed tales”
But my eyes…whose eyes are these?
They’re silently screaming, revealing
A hidden myriad, stories blocked, painful years lost –
Invisible and overlooked by society, yet now I see
The toxic damage internal
No one…not even myself truly looked inside –
In my eyes you’ll see my pain,
I’m still bleeding…and quickly
Running out of gauze.


~ by Mary Pettigrew (2015)

Work in Progress

Well, with a lot of research and help from my friends, I finally learned how to transfer my old blog into this new site!  Phew!  Pay no heed to some of the pages and categories which are currently empty when you click on them.  There are still a few kinks to work out with design, links, and many of my old pages and images didn’t transfer over,so it’ll take a moment for me to retrieve them and copy here.  This includes any guest posts that were featured on my old site.  So, just as I am a work in progress, this new site is a work in progress as well.


Thank you…I look forward to creating this new site and hope you’ll enjoy.