Lightworkers ~ 

Open your eyes, reach out your hand
Let your mind travel freely
savor, inhale the scenery before 
it all fades to black…
Now is the time to live.

Embrace obstacles tangible, 
face roadblocks, toxic memories
imbedded deep within body & soul – 
These anti-life hacks intervene, intend
to drain you dry of all emotion, until
expressionless, your character morphs
stonefaced & catatonic.

Fear not, as vivid flashes come & go
appearing with purpose, unpredictable, sans warning – albeit startling, these sources of light bring energy, a powerful conduit meant to awaken the senses.

Whether jolted by electric zaps or
aroused by subtle taps, each message potent, meant to be felt, understood
shared with others who exist, yet
remain blind to life and the light.

Lightworkers are muses; ethereal angels,
beautiful creatures who take flighty risks –
Their mission, to infuse lost souls with animated livelihood & purpose – 
Their existence, designed as unobtrusive guides & temporary life support.

Life begins…
it evolves & eventually, it ends 
without agenda, itinerary, or user manual – 
Treasure the moments…
Adapt to change & give of yourself
live well before it passes…
in a flash.ūüíę

Poetry by MPP 1/26/17
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Unity ~ a poem dedicated with love to the U.K.

Today is Sunday, June 4th, 2017. ¬†Before I climbed out of bed this morning, I turned on the television. ¬†As all the news channels were diligently focused, reporting about the latest in a series of recent terror events which occurred in & around England – the U.K. Almost immediately, I remembered a short poem I had written & submitted in 2012 to a poetry competition with Forward Poetry, a U.K. based publishing company. ¬†The theme was to write something pertaining to London & the Summer Olympics that year. ¬†Several weeks later, I received the exciting news I was a winner & my poem was going to be featured their a book of poetry collections titled, The Summer of Sport. ¬†This was my FIRST published piece of work…and it was published in the United Kingdom. ¬†I am forever grateful, therefore I felt it appropriate, necessary even, to re-post this poem about UNITY.

Unity-Union Jack

Sacred, pure colors, the ideal texture
Union Jack illuminated, prideful appreciation.
Tangible peace felt throughout world-wide networks
Celebrated, agreed to by all mankind…
For awhile.

Colossal strength, poise, dedicated work
Prove their privilege, their deserved honor.
Nations entwined as one, gracious and grateful
These guests of London, determined to represent…
The world.

Athletic battle amongst countries joyously received
Applauded and embraced, camaraderie, not enemies. Continue reading “Unity ~ a poem dedicated with love to the U.K.”