Floral Purgatory 

Unseasonably rogue, 
these asian blankets arrive; bursting blooms of yellow jasmine; teacup petals draped & adorned by leaves of emerald haute couture –

Twisting, twirling, fertile vines dance; blissfully ignorant of nearby limbs still naked, dormant above perennials burrowed deep, wise in
slumber down below – 

As if February had come & gone, floral duvets unfurl, committed despite the sunless shift as skies begin to whisper chilly warnings – 

Indeed, blasts of arctic origin bellow frozen reminders of time & deserved tenure – Gusts expel icy spittle as winds exhale bitter shame upon buds & blooms fooled yet again by earthly powers designed by time, & Mother Nature…

Dangled on lifeline vines, canary yellow beauties once vibrant, reveal translucent, pale shades of shapeless debris – Clippings doomed into resignation & the palm of winter’s frozen ruse –

Tween changes of a season an ethereal guise unveils wonder –
It teases & taunts; a jester’s game, sans rhyme or reason, yet beauty recycles, it creates perfection renewed as life begats death til next solstice – 

Such exquisite existence, vulnerable, yet this voluminous vine embraces the organic id of a hedonistic life unknown – 
Drunk from aged elixirs borne sweet to celebrate, fermented to tantalize the tastiness of life’s purpose to devour blooms delicious.

Photo= my own jasmine blooming in the yard, enhanced with Prisma “animation” style photo art

Author: Mary

ABOUT MARY My Bio ~ I am a "late-blooming" writer from Texas who specializes in poetry. I also have a life-long background in music, the performing arts, and enjoyed 14 years as a special events planner in the private club industry. I am a 1990 graduate from The University of North Texas who started off as a music major (voice), but I wasn't "feeling" it. So, I changed directions and happily ended up graduating with a B.S. in Hotel/Restaurant Management. I was healthy, eventually married, became a stepmother of two and had a fun, successful career in the food and beverage industry until 2001. Life, as I knew it, changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with MS. I attempted to work a few years after diagnosis, but nothing connected quite right anymore. You see, this disease affects everyone completely different. I went through numb/tingly issues, my mobility was intact, but I was, and continue to be an "invisible symptom" case. My MS really enjoys messing with my brain. Anxiety, memory, mood changes, heat and fatigue are debilitating, a battle especially when stressed. A few "in denial" years went by...I dealt with this vile invasion of my "internal room-mate". My husband couldn't handle these changes - he hated every part of it (I don't really blame him for that). But, he avoided being around when I was down - he didn't sign on for this, couldn't understand any of it, and I sure didn't look sick (invisible symptoms). So, eventually divorce and other challenges came into play. Those were rough days. Looking back now, I know I was suffering from a nervous breakdown. Not yet had I thought to seek the help of a professional therapist to help me purge the noisy voices and conversations from inside my head, so I began to write. I wrote little songs and played piano again - I taught myself a little acoustic guitar - and it felt good - soothing. I had found a new form of therapy which enabled me to breathe again; a healing that didn't require a prescription. Re-invention of myself seemed plausible via these creative outlets. Music, reading, and writing - primarily poetry - filled me with passion and endless possibilities. In fact, I've since begun to view my MS as a gift. A gift which forced me to focus on the important things in life, to find my sense of humor, to ignite my passion and live. Twitter accounts: @pettigrew66, @MSpals, @MSpalsPoets Acknowledgments and Press ~ • Two of my poems were accepted in the UK for two books of poetry compilations, The Summer of Sport: Forward Poetry 2012 and Poetry Rivals Collection 2013. • I was interviewed and published in an article about art/creativity therapy and MS by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Momentum Magazine (2013), • My disability-themed poetry has been published on blogs and websites, including www.pajamadaze.com and www.disabled-world.com. • Creator, team captain of MSpals and MSpalsPoets

6 thoughts on “Floral Purgatory ”

      1. I miss you so much. I am currently recovering from minor knee surgery. I tore my meniscus in my right knee. And had some arthritis cleaned up. I pray for you. I should be returning to work around June 2nd, I think.

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