Wake Up Call:

Wake Up Call
I finally met me – I woke up –
Electric and different this day, unlike the mundane
Rising at dawn from dreams and sleep routine expected.
Existing merely physically, detached
Every day for nearly half a century –
No…on this day, I woke up grasping
Who I am supposed to be and why.
Tangible…purpose and meaning defined, illuminated with color –
Why have I been absent this long? 
Analytic references unveil scattered playbills of the past –
Connecting dots, searching for missing/mismatched puzzle pieces
Swept under the rug, hidden away…on purpose,
Yet realizing, all was actually left out in plain view, overlooked,
My eyes wide shut – why are my eyes open now?
I finally met me – I fessed up –
Confrontation, truthful realization of self is daunting –
Detachment and donning “people pleaser” costumes is easier –
Takes its toll, paid the price
Every day for nearly half a century.
No more – this day I fessed up –
Admitted lies, ugly truths and un-pleasantries –
Calling a truce between me & myself –
Decisions, circumstances and outcomes –
Actions proved destructive to relationships, mind/body,
Scarring the soul. Why come clean now?
I finally know me – I rose up –
Invigorated, scared, yet courageously driven –
Void of self-pity, self-loathing,
Capable of facing my fears, battles, demons –
I celebrate this re-inventive revival once clouded
Every day for 47 years.
Never again – today I rose up –
To the wake-up call. 


MPP:  10/18/2013

Author: Mary

ABOUT MARY ~ Mary is a "late-blooming" writer from Texas who enjoys exploring a variety of different styles & genres, however her deep passion for creative writing (poetry, essay, narrative interview & non-fiction) remains unwavering & most purposeful. Mary's personal & professional background is filled with an eclectic combination of business & art (e.g., music, performing arts, 15 years sales/marketing & special events planning in the private club industry). Mary is a 1990 graduate from The University of North Texas with a B.S. in Hotel/Restaurant Management. In 2001, life as she knew it would be dramatically & forever altered by the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at age 35. Several years passed, searching for answers to unknown questions. This loss of reality, normalcy, & PURPOSE needed to be reinvented - renewed - rewritten. This disease is not a "one size firs all." MS affects everyone differently & can morph unpredictably, silently, relentlessly... day to day. It's not easy to figure out how to deal with disease & this vile invasion of an uninvited, unwanted "internal room-mate." Eventually, Mary also sought the help of a professional therapist which helped her learn important coping skills needed to tame/calm mood disorders & to encourage healthy ways in which to purge the noisy chaos inside the brain. And so the writing began... as did a newfound passion & purpose. This journey of reinvention became plausible via Mary's background & her desire to discover new creative outlets. As a student for life, Mary continues to explore & study the health benefits from turning off our "auto pilot switch" & instead focus on learning - consume new information & participate in new activities (Neuroplasticity). The gift of "resilience" is a glorious, powerful tool which stems from the endurance of life & it's many challenges. Resilience forces us to rise up & learn face issues (new & old) head on. Focus on the important things in life. Laugh & live selflessly with compassion, purose & passion. Connect with Mary at: 🔸Twitter: @pettigrew66, @MSpals 🔸Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MaryPettigrew48 🔸LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/maryppettigrew 🔸Instagram: 🔸http://www.mspals.org Acknowledgments and Press ~ * Creator & Co-founder of MSpals: A Global Organization (2014 - present) * Administrator & contributing author of content, posts, & interviews: MSpals blog: https:/:www.mspals.wordpress.com ~ The Summer of Sport: Forward Poetry 2012 ~ Poetry Rivals Collection 2013 ~ Something On Our Minds Vol.III ~ Something On Our Minds Vol IV. Interviews: National Multiple Sclerosis Society's "Momentum Magazine" ~ 2013 = Art Therapy & MS ~ 2015 = Connecting Via Social Media Other works also featured on a variety of blogs, websites, videos, as well as other multimedia platforms including: www.pajamadaze.com www.disabled-world.com www.HealthCentral.com www.MyCounterpane.com www.MS&MeRadio/TBI Network iConquerMS/The Accelerated Cure Project WEGO Health HealtheVoices MS Focus - Monthly contributor

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