For Charlie ~ On His 14th Birthday

My wonderful nephew is growing up so fast – makes me sad and happy at the same time.  I wrote this and gave it to him last month on his birthday.  Writing this and watching his face as he read it meant a lot to me…and I think it meant a lot to him too. 

Artist: Peter Max

For Charlie ~ On His 14th Birthday
I see you
And, I’m proud.
Though, not always frequent
Or up close and personal
I see you
And I’m proud.
From early tow-headed toddler days
When all you needed was your ragged
“Peelow”.  Torn up from constant cuddles,
And daily affections –
To Cowboys and Madden obsessions.
Excelling in sports yourself, such strength,
Prowess in athletic and academia talent.
I see you now…
And, I’m proud.
Although, sad to see you grow,
Faster – too fast – year after year
You’re now a young man cub –
A young man with a future so dazzling
I’m thrilled for you, the thought makes me smile…
Because I see you
And, I’m proud.
With compassion, you look out for others
Protecting those around you –
With humor, you remain grounded,
Overcome challenges, lightening up drama –
With determined focus, you possess a maturity
Stronger than myself, at age 14.
I know this because
I see you
And, I’m proud.
My wish for you on this day,
This year – your 14th birthday, is this:
Celebrate the YOU yesterday and today –
Celebrate the YOU yet to come.
Be proud of yourself, embrace the gift that isYOU –
So deserved, earned over the years –
See yourself then, now, and tomorrow
And, be proud!